Healthy Hooves® HH 110 NOPA Spray Can

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Healthy Hooves® NOPA SPRAY HH 110 contains mineral chelate, alongside the unique patented chelant that produces a predictably higher sustainable concentration of hydrogen ions. These sustainable ions bond (chelate) the minerals to keep them in solution, preventing precipitation.

In field trials on farms, Healthy Hooves® NOPA SPRAY is a non-antibiotic hoof and skin care product. It provides a rapidly drying, waterproof, breathable barrier against the farm environment. Once applied to dirt and necrotic free tissue it seals and protects damaged skin and trimmed hoofs against further contamination.
NOPA-SPRAY is a next generation product, antibiotic free, containing natural mineral chelates and plant extracts, supplied in a handy size 250ml spray. It is quick and easy to use and dries rapidly once applied to the animal.

Seal and Protect, naturally with NOPA-SPRAY.

Healthy Hooves® NOPA SPRAY has been developed for use as a daily direct application to the hooves, where it is impractical to make up solutions prior to use

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