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Becoming a Healthy Hooves® distributor gives you the opportunity to SELL a unique product invented in the USA and manufactured by the U.K. market leader.

Exporting is an important part of the company’s overall marketing strategy and its products are sold worldwide. We are actively seeking new partners in new countries and new markets.

Healthy Hooves® has been established for 15 years.

The Market

Users of the Healthy Hooves® product are typically found in the Agricultural Dairy milk producing sector.

Healthy Hooves® is used to increase the effectiveness and reduce the use of Copper Sulphate in the dairy milk producer sector.

The Product

Selling and distributing Healthy Hooves® is a very simple and cost effective process.

Repeat sales from the customer who needs to buy replacement product as the solution in their footbaths becomes weak through use.

Unique in that the Healthy Hooves® process reduces the amount of Copper Sulphate by up to 85% and eliminates the need to use Formaldehyde in animal footbaths.

No chemical knowledge is required with this simple processs.

No environmental hazard is produced from the Healthy Hooves® product.

Benefits for the Distributor:

To work with a company that is a market leader.

To sell products with repeat sales.

To sell a product that is likely to have little or no competition.

To receive full sales support.

To work with a company that is very capable of supporting its trade partner around the world. Have a look at the distributor list on the contacts page.

To work with a company that is financially strong.

Benefits for the Customer:

Convenience; The dairy unit is able to make up footbaths that last up to 3 times longer than traditional practices.

Hygiene of the dairy herd is maintained whilst increasing milk yield.

Flexibility; Footbath solutions easily prepared, Healthy Hooves® products can be used in Hoof sprayers and parlour spray applications.

Low cost; Healthy Hooves® allows the Dairy herd to be mobile at a lower cost.

What Now?

If you think your company is well placed to exploit this market, Healthy Hooves® would be pleased to hear from you. Please send details of your company, the products sold, other principals, industries served and geographical area covered by your sales team to

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